Landfill Reduction Products

¾” Premium                          Call

Our most popular bedding, ground to a ¾” size with approximately half the material in saw dust type form for good absorbency, but minimal dust. Very low moisture, similar to kiln dry lumber. Used for all animal types (cows, calves, heifers, steers, chickens, sheep, hogs, horses)

¾” Value                              Call

The same as our most popular ¾” premium product with slightly more moisture. While still lower in moisture than “Green” saw dust, this product is ideal for cost conscious customers or customers looking for very low dust.

2” Single Ground                    Call

An economical, low moisture product used primarily for calves and steers. Similar grind size of fine landscape mulch.

 *Above pricing includes delivery in 120 to 143-yard trailers, smaller load sizes available. Prices subject to sales tax when applicable 

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Bulk Animal Bedding 

Stored indoors for to maintain low moisture